Learning French in New Zealand.

There are many benefits to learning French.

May be you want to visit the fashion capital of the world? How about treating your spouse to vacation in the most romantic country in the world.Regardless of the reason for wanting to learn French, you will not regret it.However, French is not the easiest language to learn. Living in New Zealand isn’t going to make learning French easier.But there is no reason to give up hope.There are many ways of learning French in New Zealand, all you need to do is a bit of searching.

There are also specialized schools that can help you Learn French

The easiest way of learning French is hiring a tutor.

Due to French being widely spoken, it is very easy to find a tutor.You can try to find a local tutor by using “First Tutors”. It has tutors for all levels.Here is the link, “https://www.firsttutors.com/uk/”. The site has very high reviews and is most definitely recommended. You can also join a French speaking FaceBook group and ask for tutors or join “Vic Deals” and ask for anyone willing to teach French.The great benefit of this is that you might meet someone near you that will respond to your request. Contacting each other is a simple because of FaceBook.Also, they introduce you to other French speakers and possibly French social clubs if they know any.

Discover French Lessons in Paris which offers private French lessons tailored to your needs.


Online courses are probably the easiest way of learning French.

There are many sites.One of the best is “Busuu”. Whilst it is free, you can also pay for access to premium courses.”https://www.busuu.com/”. However, if you are learning online, you will need to be disciplined. There are many distractions when online.Although, you can make French learning very fun if you add French movies and TV shows to your learning curriculum.Whilst this may sound counterproductive, it is surprisingly effective and should be adopted if not at least tried out.

Universities are great for learning languages.

Search Google maps for you closet university and check their website.Their site will have a language’s department. Call their department and ask if they have learner courses or grant diplomas for Beginners French.While this method may take the most time, it is probably the most rewarding as you get to meet new people and a classroom setting is the best environment for learning. You will also probably earn a qualification which may help you in employment.Another great advantage of learning French in a university is that they will likely have French social events that will help you practice your French and get to know French culture better.



I hope that you go on to learn French and have a fun time whilst learning it.Whilst it may be difficult at times, it is definitely worth the effort. For many people learning French has greatly enriched their life and they have come to know a unique culture that they cherish.Learning French is a great experience, why wait any longer?

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There are lots of ways to learn French in New Zealand.

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How maritime law works

The world is vast, with many seas and oceans. These mass water bodies sometimes mark boundaries among countries. Every location where humans frequent on this planet has authority. It is natural that humans need to be governed. Every organ, whether on land or at sea has rules to be followed. There are policies and laws to be adhered to, says Marion, avocate à Vesoul.

A good guide on how maritime law works.

Maritime Law didn’t start in the recent past. History shows that the Egyptians and Greeks practiced this. In the early centuries, the Greeks traded with people from other nations including Phoenicians and Egyptians. Like any other business, rules on the sea had to be set so each one of them could keep their word and trade peacefully.

Common parties often involved in Maritime Law include, sea-vessel owners, harbor authorities, shippers, insurers, merchants, manufactures, tug owners, ports and shipbuilders.

The earliest maritime laws are alleged to have started on the island of Rhodes. This is said to have been influenced by the Roman laws. Maritime law is sometimes known as admiralty law. These are rules laid down by authorities in different states to ensure a smooth experience when nationals world over trade, do business, and work on sea. Maritime law controls the licensing, checking and allows the movement of ships and the cargo and passengers they carry. Treaties are signed on how to handle marine creatures and other inanimate objects found under sea.

A good number of first world countries give different authorities to set the maritime laws, rather than the legislatures. Admiralty Law controls and maintains how and which contracts are signed by specific parties. Sometimes those involved feel violated or at a loss, contracts help concerned parties honor their declarations. Though maritime law is practiced universally, some countries have different sets of clauses, which may not agree with neighboring nations. Different countries have different codes which best suit their interests and needs.

So what happens if crime is committed on the sea? When working, injuries are bound to happen. This can happen to anyone, be it a trader or any seaman. There are different ways of dealing with such cases. The first thing one should do is report to the superior on board, or people in authority who accompany them. In the United States, any federal court can hear cases related to Maritime Law. When this happens, the federal court should deal with the case in accordance with the maritime Law involved, even when the maritime law has clauses clashing with the state laws.

The Jones Act is a United States law which protects and looks out for Americans working at the sea. It was passed by congress in 1920 and has been effective since then. The law regulates trade at the sea, within American waters and ports. The law has led to creation of jobs for numerous American citizens and enabled seafarers know their rights and freedoms.

Admiralty Law is important as it ensures the safety of citizens on sea in their respective countries. Several institutions of higher learning offer Maritime Law for students who are interested in studying how such laws operate.

Best Alcohol to Drink when Sailing

Although the notion that alcohol and boats do not mix, the expression drunk as a sailor still holds, my preferred drink is the beer. It is a readily available cocktail drink, often accessible almost everywhere and in any country that I may dock across the globe and comes in various brands depending on the taste that I am looking out for and the brands that the natives have. In my view it offers the diverse tastes just as the different cultures portrays or showcase in their drink. I am also tempted to say that beer is often what everyone drinks whenever they are thirsty just as the statement by C’esar de Saussure to a swiss visitor so goes, beer was a different version of water and they both do play the same role of hydrating a person. In essence, beer half solve my problem of carrying water to the ship.

Check here an article on why beer is actually good for you !

My reason to choose beer as the best alcohol when I sail are best explained by the sleep benefit it gives a person. As I allow other sailors to take over the Steering Stand, after 8 or 9 hours of concentrating on the wheelhouse, all I need is rest and a quick sleep. Beer comes in handy in inducing the much needed sleep faster. Research by Daily Mail UK (2013) has documented that indeed, having a bottle or two of beer improves the speed that an individual gets sleep compared to those who may not have taken any, as beer does calm a person. This point also correlates to the next one

On the more serious sense, scientists often tell me that beer allows me to release the feel good easy feeling also known as the dopamine whenever I drink a beer. Dopamine gives me a feel of reward which excites the pleasure centers in my head. Which means, at sea, even if I am away from those things that I really appreciate, I will still have a feel of them better simply by drinking a bottle or a glass. Another health benefit that encourages me to take on the beer while on the sail is as Metro.UK. (2015) explains as the benefits of improving memory concentration derived from drinking beer moderately. I am tempted to quote different researches, into this, but it is indeed true that beer does hold a benefit that improves ones concentration ability. A skill I sure will rely on at sea and partly in my life.

As a sailor keeping fit is limited to being in the ship and beer has been portrayed in different instances to possess health benefits such as reducing the incident of getting kidney stones, making stronger the bones and fighting cancer. Needless to say, beer has been portrayed to aid digestion as presented by Tim Spector in the book The Diet Myth. His idea breaks away from all the initial conventions that beer increases leads to increase of weight in an individual. With all of these reason, I feel I will still opt for the beer as my preferred alcoholic drink of choice.

The best lifehacks Tricks for navigators

The best Life hacks tricks for navigators refer to any troops, alternate way, expertise, or curiosity technique that builds profitability and effectiveness in varying backgrounds.

The term was principally utilized by PC specialists who experience the ill effects of data or those with a perky interest in the ways they can quicken their work process other than programming.

The terms life hacks Tricks for pilots have a long history of uncertainty in the PC framework and nerd groups, especially inside the group. The first meaning of the term best life hacks Tricks for pilots “is “to cut with harsh or overwhelming blows.”

These included snappy shell and different utilities that separated, prepared information streams like email. In the advanced vernacular it is all the more regularly used to depict an inelegant however powerful answer for a particular processing issue. The term was later reached out to life hack, in reference to an answer for an issue irrelevant to PCs that may happen in a software engineer’s regular day to day existence.

Cases of these sorts of life hacks may incorporate utilities to synchronize documents, track assignments, and help one to remember occasions or channel email. It is amazingly uncommon to discover a man who has no feelings of trepidation or has as of now accomplished every one of their objectives. A man can fear nearly anything. From the most darken of fears; (a dread of names) to the most well-known; arachnophobia and my undisputed top choice because of the incongruity; photophobia (a dream of building up a fear).

Everybody has objectives that they might want to accomplish from profiting and shedding pounds to just turning into a more pleasant individual. It doesn’t make a difference what the feelings of dread are or what the objectives are that you need to accomplish. Nor does it make a difference how enormous or little they are. There is nothing very like the fulfillment that overcoming a dread or accomplishing an objective brings. It feels great when you set your psyche to something and accomplish it. It is a genuine feeling of achievement
Life hacks to Make Your Business Trip Relaxing.
Whether this is your first time to travel or you’ve gone for a number of times than you can tally, unwind. Business treks can be entertaining. Obviously, you have gatherings to go to, business to deal with and representatives to catch up with. Work does not mean you can’t see new places and meet new individuals. In case you’re going to another city, you ought to set aside the opportunity to stroll around and have a great time. Here are the things you have to do to make your excursion unwinding. Plan Your Trip.
The words seem like an easy decision however truly arrange your outing. On the off chance that you need to have some good times, check occasions, eateries, and spots you are intrigued to see on the web and that they are so near where you mean to remain Why It Works. Most undergrads are poor. Paying for settlement, educational cost and reading material doesn’t leave much cash for social exercises. On the off chance that cash was included then out of the blue we were significantly more propelled to accomplish our objectives and get over our feelings of trepidation.

Southern Spars en route to Monaco Yacht Show 2016

It’s been another big year for the New Zealand based company, giving us lots of exciting things to talk about like our two big projects Adix and Aquijo. Adix, the three-masted 65-metre Dykstra schooner, has been transformed by a rig refit by Southern Spars and Future Fibres. The new carbon fibre masts and rigging have pared more than five and a half tons, or 36%, from the above-deck package. These massive savings have resulted in huge improvements in speed and handling for the yacht while remaining true to the yacht’s classic styling. She impressed at this year’s Caribbean 600, finishing second in the Superyacht Division.

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Southern Spars helps Comanche to another record

Comache’s watch captain and renowned offshore sailor, Tony Mutter, credits the team at Southern Spars for their work in helping the 100 foot maxi smash the Trans-Atlantic record.

On the way to breaking the record, the Verdier-VPLP 100 footer, experienced a dream run with flawless sailing conditions and no gear failures, despite pushing the boat to the limit – averaging 21.44 knots for the 2880 nm course between New York, USA and The Lizard, England.

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