Best Alcohol to Drink when Sailing

Although the notion that alcohol and boats do not mix, the expression drunk as a sailor still holds, my preferred drink is the beer. It is a readily available cocktail drink, often accessible almost everywhere and in any country that I may dock across the globe and comes in various brands depending on the taste that I am looking out for and the brands that the natives have. In my view it offers the diverse tastes just as the different cultures portrays or showcase in their drink. I am also tempted to say that beer is often what everyone drinks whenever they are thirsty just as the statement by C’esar de Saussure to a swiss visitor so goes, beer was a different version of water and they both do play the same role of hydrating a person. In essence, beer half solve my problem of carrying water to the ship.

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My reason to choose beer as the best alcohol when I sail are best explained by the sleep benefit it gives a person. As I allow other sailors to take over the Steering Stand, after 8 or 9 hours of concentrating on the wheelhouse, all I need is rest and a quick sleep. Beer comes in handy in inducing the much needed sleep faster. Research by Daily Mail UK (2013) has documented that indeed, having a bottle or two of beer improves the speed that an individual gets sleep compared to those who may not have taken any, as beer does calm a person. This point also correlates to the next one

On the more serious sense, scientists often tell me that beer allows me to release the feel good easy feeling also known as the dopamine whenever I drink a beer. Dopamine gives me a feel of reward which excites the pleasure centers in my head. Which means, at sea, even if I am away from those things that I really appreciate, I will still have a feel of them better simply by drinking a bottle or a glass. Another health benefit that encourages me to take on the beer while on the sail is as Metro.UK. (2015) explains as the benefits of improving memory concentration derived from drinking beer moderately. I am tempted to quote different researches, into this, but it is indeed true that beer does hold a benefit that improves ones concentration ability. A skill I sure will rely on at sea and partly in my life.

As a sailor keeping fit is limited to being in the ship and beer has been portrayed in different instances to possess health benefits such as reducing the incident of getting kidney stones, making stronger the bones and fighting cancer. Needless to say, beer has been portrayed to aid digestion as presented by Tim Spector in the book The Diet Myth. His idea breaks away from all the initial conventions that beer increases leads to increase of weight in an individual. With all of these reason, I feel I will still opt for the beer as my preferred alcoholic drink of choice.

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